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Altoona Announcements
Announcement: Emergency Warming Centers Available for City Residents

Emergency Warming Center Information

The City of Altoona is able to provide emergency warming centers at each of our four fire stations.  Due to the extremely cold temperatures that we are currently experiencing, being without heat is a life threating situation.  Should you find yourself without heat in your home, you may travel to your nearest fire station.  The addresses for the City of Altoona Fire stations are as follows: 

1319 Washin​gton Avenue

515 North 2nd Street

530 Crawford Avenue

3960 6th Avenue

The fire stations are not intended to be a long-term housing solution, but a temporary measure while other shelter options are located.

Before traveling to one of the fire stations for warming, please contact 814-949-2230 so that the Fire Department can make appropriate arrangements.​