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Altoona Water Authority



William Neugebauer                     

129 E. 24th Avenue            

Altoona, PA  16601



Resolution & City Official Appointment Agreement


January, 2020
Reso.  #0031-15

City Manager Marla Marcinko                     

1301 12th Street

Suite 100                  

Altoona, PA  16601

814-949-2408 (O) 

January, 2021
Reso. # 0013-16

Maurice Lawruk                   

23 Mansion Boulevard          

Altoona, PA  16602

943-3643 (R)

942-5382 (O)

January, 2017
Reso. #0010-12

Frank Ake                         

405 28th Avenue                 

Altoona, PA  16601

944-9270 (R)

January, 2018
Reso.# 0006-13

William Schirf

1401 Ivyside Drive                    

Altoona, PA  16601

946-4612 (R)


January 2019
Reso.# 0040-14
















































PURPOSE:This five (5) member board is appointed by the Mayor for a term of five (5) years.  *Residency requirement.


ENABLING LEGISLATION: Per Municipal Authorities Act of 1945, May 2, P.L. 382, 53 P.S. 301 et seq.


STAFF: Altoona Water Authority - 900 Chestnut Avenue, Altoona,PA 16601 Phone: 949-2222


SOLICITOR:  Alan Krier, Esq., Park View Center, 10 Sheraton Drive, Altoona, PA  16602 

Phone:  943-1149


CONSULTING ENGINEER: Gwin, Dobson & Foreman, Inc.,  3121 Fairway Drive, #B Altoona, PA  16602  Phone:  943-5214


MEETINGS: 3rd Thursday of each month at 9:00 A.M. - Altoona Water Authority,

900 Chestnut Avenue, Altoona, PA - Call 949-2222 to confirm date, time and place.



Chairman               $225.00/month plus $20.00 per meeting

Vice Chairman         $175.00/month plus $20.00 per meeting

Secretary               $175.00/month plus $20.00 per meeting

Treasurer               $175.00/month plus $20.00 per meeting

Asst.Sec/Treas       $175.00 /month plus $20.00 per meeting

The $20.00 received is for being an Authority Board Member; the other compensation is for their duties as officers of the Altoona City Authority.

City Resolution 0034-15 Adopted February 11, 2015 - established no salary/compensation be paid to any person appointed as a member to the Altoona Water Authority from and after February 11, 2015