Electrical Examiner's Board




Three (3) member board, appointed by the Mayor, for a term of three (3) years. 

Ordinance # 5391, adopted 2/14/96 requires the board to consist of one of each of the following: Master Electrician, Electrical Engineer and Journeyman Electrician of not less than ten (10) years experience.  These members shall be persons working or doing business in the City of Altoona.

Ordinance #5252 (September 9, 1993) was passed to correct staggering dates. Said terms shall be for a period of three (3) years.

Said Board is responsible for licensing Master and Journeyman Electricians who conduct business in the City of Altoona.

Enabling Legislation

Electrical Code of the City of Altoona


Rebecca Brown - 814-949-2455 


As needed


 Electrical Examiner's Board Members

  • Timothy Bettwy
    Master Electrician
    314 Ridgemont Drive
    Duncansville PA 16635
    Office Phone: 814-695-7644
    Residence Phone: 814-695-8251
    Resolution: #0017-16
    Term End: January 2019
  • Karl Kessler
    Electrical Engineer
    1816 Timberline Dr. Ext
    Altoona PA 16601
    Office Phone: 814-946-0451
    Residence Phone: 814-940-8158
    Resolution: #0048-14
    Term End: January 2017
  • Thomas Schultz
    Journeyman Electrician
    972 Grandview Road
    Altoona PA 16601
    Office Phone: 814-941-5445
    Residence Phone: 814-942-5030
    Resolution: #0029-15
    Term End: January 2018