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Plumbing Board
City of Altoona, Pennsylvania
James Riley
2323 20th Street
Altoona, PA  16601
943-7451 (R)
946-2254 (O) 
January 2018
Reso. # 0014-13     
Stephen Shank
629 E. Walton Avenue
Altoona, PA  16602
946-5272 (R)
283-0113 (O)
 January 2021
Reso. # 0018-16
Michael Seidel
108 N. 9th Avenue
Altoona, PA  16601
944-5965 (R)
942-6772 (O)
 January 2020
Reso. # 0027-15
Donald Rhodes
5924 Oak Avenue
Altoona, PA  16601
944-2885 (R)
935-1495 (O)
 January 2017
Reso. # 0019-12
Ronald Wendell
1216 29th Avenue
Altoona, PA  16601
944-0550 (R)
381-9894 (C)
 January 2019
Reso. # 0034-14




This Board consists of five (5) members, all registered with the City of Altoona as licensed plumbers, working, or doing business in the City of Altoona.  Members are appointed by the Mayor.  Terms are for five years.


The Plumbing Board is responsible for the administration of plumbing examinations. 



Said Board was established by Ordinance #4179, adopted June 6, 1972.  The Plumbing Board is responsible for the Administration of the examination and licensing of Plumbers.




Rebecca Brown - 949-2455



As needed