Police Civil Service Board




This Board shall consist of three (3) citizens, who shall be elected by the Mayor, for a term of four (4) years or until their successors are elected and qualified.  Any person who is a registered elector of the City may be appointed to one (1) or more Civil Service Board.  No City officer, official or employee shall be eligible for appointment to any Civil Service Board, per 53 P.S. 39402, as amended.

The Civil Service Board is responsible for preparing the Eligibility List from which the City can hire.  Members of the Board will also be included in the Promotion Process for all ranks of the Altoona Police Department.

Enabling Legislation

Third Class City Code, Section 4402, and 53 P.S. 39401.


  • Janice Freehling, Chief of Police 
  • Anne Rito, Human Resources Department


This Board meets as needed for test purposes.


 Police Civil Service Board Members