Shade Tree Commission



Purpose and Enabling Legislation

The Shade Tree Commission was created by Ordinance #4878 (4/9/85), and amended by Ordinance #5034 (4/27/88), which increases membership from three (3) to five (5).  Members are appointed by the Mayor, for a term of five (5) years.  *Residency requirement.

The Shade Tree Commission has jurisdiction over all public shade trees, except in those instances when the City of Altoona, through the proper department, exercises control. All requests or inquiries should be directed to staff at (814) 949-2470.


Lee Slusser, Director
Community Development Department



Held the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM, City of Altoona Training Facility & Council Chambers, 1320 Washington Avenue, Altoona PA

Meeting Minutes


 Shade Tree Commission Members

  • James Batrus
    900 24th Avenue
    Altoona PA 16601
    Residence Phone: 814-944-2160
    Resolution: 12/5/18
    Term End: January 2024
  • Nancy Fellabaum
    3013 W. Chestnut Ave
    Altoona PA 16601
    Residence Phone: 814-946-4701
    Resolution: #0022-16
    Term End: January 2021
  • Chris Harpster
    130 25th Avenue
    Altoona PA 16601
    Resolution: February 8, 2017
    Term End: January 2022
  • Ted Newkirk
    1510 1st Avenue
    Altoona PA 16602
    Resolution: CM 12-6-17
    Term End: January 2023
  • Paula Over
    4801 Broad Avenue
    Altoona PA 16601
    Resolution: Mayor's Appointment
    Term End: January 2020