Zoning Hearing Board




This five (5) member board is appointed by the Mayor for a term of five (5) years.  Three (3) residents shall be appointed by the Mayor to serve as alternate members with three year terms. *Residency requirement.  The Zoning Hearing Board is created by the Municipalities Planning Code and Title I Article III Sections 301 through 3091

The Zoning Hearing Board is responsible for hearing and deciding requests for variances and/or special exceptions where it is alleged that the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance inflict unnecessary hardship unique to the applicant.  In granting any variance or special exception, the Board may attach such reasonable conditions as it may deem necessary to implement the purposes of the Zoning Ordinance.

Enabling Legislation

Per Article VI of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Plan (Act 247), as amended by Act 93 of 1972.


  • Lee Slusser, Director,
    Community Development Department
  • Marilyn Morgan, Zoning Administrator,
    Community Development Department
  • Solicitor, William Stokan, Esq.


Held the second Wednesday of each month at 1:15 PM, City Hall 4th Floor Conference Room, 1301 12th Street, Altoona PA 16601.


Meeting Decisions


 Zoning Hearing Board Members

  • Richard Andrews
    876 Waterloo Road
    Altoona PA 16601
    Residence Phone: 814-946-1521
    Resolution: CM 12-6-17
    Term End: January 2023
  • Cory Gehret
    4102 3rd Avenue
    Altoona PA 16602
    Residence Phone: 814-937-9311
    Resolution: 1/11/17
    Term End: January 2022
  • Matthew Gindlesperger
    1208 21st Avenue
    Altoona PA 16601
    Residence Phone: 814-327-8010
    Resolution: 12/5/18
    Term End: January 2024
  • Horace McAnuff
    902 N. 3rd Street
    Altoona PA 16601
    Office Phone: 814-949-2343
    Residence Phone: 814-941-1713
    Resolution: #0023-16
    Term End: January 2021
  • Donna Royer
    1301 Monroe Avenue
    Altoona PA 16602
    Residence Phone: 814-944-6621
    Resolution: #0022-15
    Term End: January 2020