The HOME Rehabilitation Program provides the City with the opportunity to meet an identified need to address substandard rental units in the City's neighborhoods.
Applications are available on a first come first served basis and may obtained by contacting the Department of Community Development.
The Program will provide up to 50 percent of rehabilitation costs, secured by a mortgage, up to a maximum of $14,950 per unit depending on unit size.
To be eligible for this program, the property or project must (1) contain no more thanĀ four (4) units, (2) be located within the City limits, (3) be in substandard condition, (4) structure must be vacant, (5) have a minimum rehabilitation of $2,000 per unit.
Completed structure will be in compliance with the City Property Maintenance Code and Lead-Based Paint Regulations.
The deferred grant will be forgiven five years after the project completion.
For additional information contact (814) 949-2470 or