City of Altoona Public Works Department Winter Weather Information

1.  Why isn't my alley being plowed?

     Alleys on the plow list consist of alleys that are considered primary access points for 911 Emergency Services.  Plow Truck Operators do not deviate from the Alley Plowing List.

     Special plow requests can be made in writing to the Public Works Department for review and consideration.  A final determination will be issued by the Public Works Department to the requestor based upon the current alley plowing policy.

2.  It has been snowing for 18 hours, why hasn't a plow truck plowed my street yet?

     During a storm event, first priority is given to the primary routes throughout the City.  After the primary routes are cleared, troublesome areas such as hills are treated, followed by all other routes in that zone.  If it continues to snow, it is possible that Plow Truck Operators will not be able to deviate from primary routes until the storm is over.

3.  Why does the Plow Truck Operator appear to be using anti-skid instead of salt?

     At temperatures below 20 degrees, salts effectiveness at melting ice diminishes quickly.  Therefore, the City uses anti-skid for skid resistance.

If you believe that you need assistance following review of the Frequently Asked Questions above, residents are welcome to submit concerns/questions to:

email: snowconcern@altoonapa.gov

​*Please note:  For the duration of a snow event, requests for winter services will be addressed only through 911, Altoona Police, Altoona Fire
or Emergency Operations (if activated)*