Resident Tips for Winter

City of Altoona Public Works Department Winter Weather Information

  • If at all possible, move vehicles from City streets to driveways or secondary routes   prior to winter storms.  This will decrease or eliminate hazards for our drivers and for others and increase and improve the overall plowable area.
  • If at all possible, prior to winter storms, park in a location that allows easy access,   especially if you normally park on a steep grade.  Remember, during an active storm, primary routes are the main concern.
  • If at all possible, wait for Public Works to complete snow plowing prior to cleaning cars, driveways or sidewalks.  This will eliminate some of the shoveling and re-shoveling.
  • If at all possible, park as close to the curb as possible in order to allow better access for snow plow trucks.
  • Pull your vehicle side mirrors in to avoid damage.
  • ​Do not place items in the right of way to "save" parking spots.  This is a threat to public safety and prohibited by the PA Motor Vehicle Code.
  • Keep fire hydrants clear in case of emergency.


*Please note:  For the duration of a snow event, requests for winter services      will be addressed only through 911, Altoona Police, Altoona Fire     
or Emergency Operations (if activated)*