Snow Plow Route Maps

Route 1 - N. 8th Street to N. 20th Street/N. 3rd Avenue/N. 4th Avenue to City Line

Route 2 - N. 8th Street to 2nd Street Logantown/N. 4th Avenue/Chestnut Avenue to City Line

Route 3 - 2nd Street to 16th Street/16th Avenue/4th Street/Chestnut Avenue to City Line

Route 4 - 16th Street to 29th Street/RR to City Line West Side

Route 5 - 29th Street to 58th Street/RR Tracks to City Line

Route 6 - Logan Blvd. to 58th Street/Ruskin Drive to 6th Avenue/California Avenue to Goods Lane

Route 7 - Union Avenue to Ruskin Drive/58th Street/ Oak Lane/Crescent Road to Plank Road/ Frankstown Road to Logan Blvd./Plank Road to Stewart Avenue/City Line

Route 8 - 22nd Street to Logan Blvd. & Union Avenue; Fairway Drive/Pleasant Valley Blvd. to 9th Avenue

Route 9 - 10th Street to 22nd Street/Pleasant Valley Blvd. to 9th Avenue/Margaret Avenue

Route 10 - Kettle Street to 10th Street/Pleasant Valley Blvd. to RR Tracks

Route 11​ - 17th Street to City Line at East End/Pleasant Valley Blvd. to Polk Avenue/Pleasant Valley Blvd. to E. 1st Avenue

Route 12 - 4th Street to 18th Street/10th Avenue to 16th Avenue

*Please note:  For the duration of a snow event, requests for winter services will be addressed only through 911, Altoona Police, Altoona Fire 
or Emergency Operations (if activated)*​