Snow Removal Plan

City of Altoona Public Works Department Winter Weather Information

Priority of Routes

Primary Routes:  Major arteries, school routes, mass transit routes and snow emergency routes are the critical routes providing access into and out of Altoona.  Snow removal along the primary routes is the main concentration for the duration of the snowstorm.

Secondary Routes:  Minor arteries and collector streets connecting the neighborhoods to the primary routes.  The secondary routes are plowed only after the primary routes are plowed.

Tertiary Routes:  Alleys which are access points for emergency services, and, City-owned parks, walkways and bike paths.  The tertiary routes are plowed after the primary routes and the secondary routes or, at the request of emergency services.  These routes are plowed down the center of the street (one pass).

The goal during a snowstorm is to have all streets passable 

within 24 hours after precipitation ends.

​ *Please note:  For the duration of a snow event, requests for winter services                   will be addressed only through 911, Altoona Police, Altoona Fire                  or Emergency Operations (if activated)*