Altoona Code Appeals Board




This Board was created by Ordinance #5421, adopted March 12, 1997, replacing the Building Code Board of Appeals previously created by Ordinance #3952, adopted May 18, 1967.  It shall consist of five (5) individuals.  The original terms staggered and thereafter shall be for a period of five (5) years or until his successor has been appointed.  The appointments shall be made by recommendation of the Mayor with the approval of Council.

The board shall consist of five (5) members, one from each of the disciplines outlined in the Uniform Construction Code.

This board is responsible for hearing appeals from a decision of the Code Official refusing to grant modifications to the Uniform Construction Code.

Enabling Legislation

Uniform Construction Code


  • Rebecca Brown, Codes & Inspections Director
  • Scott Brown, Building Inspector
  • Solicitor: Tom Finn, Esq. 


Meet as needed.


 Altoona Code Appeals Board Members

  • Dave Albright
    108 W. Holmes Avenue
    Altoona PA 16602
    Office Phone: 814-944-4664
    Residence Phone: 814-949-8858
    Resolution: 12/6/17
    Term End: January 2023
  • Brian Durbin
    2706 Wehnwood Road
    Altoona PA 16601
    Office Phone: 814-944-8354
    Residence Phone: 814-946-4221
    Resolution: #0397-99
    Term End: Alternate
  • Larry Field
    Master Electrician
    1204 Norway Avenue
    Altoona PA 16602
    Residence Phone: 814-942-1106
    Resolution: 0012-21
    Term End: January 2026
  • Dave Hess
    Master Plumber
    1124 6th Avenue
    Altoona PA 16602
    Residence Phone: 814-502-5937
    Resolution: 01/08/2020
    Term End: January 2025
  • Charles Meyers
    Civil Engineer
    620 Ruskin Drive
    Altoona PA 16602
    Office Phone: 814-695-7500
    Residence Phone: 814-934-7864
    Resolution: CM 12-6-17
    Term End: January 2023
  • James Potopa
    112 N 11th Avenue
    Altoona PA 16601
    Resolution: 0013-21
    Term End: January 2024
  • Carroll White
    Structural Engineer
    177 Hedberg Lane
    Altoona PA 16602
    Office Phone: 814-684-5304
    Resolution: #0031-98
    Term End: Alternate