Redevelopment Authority of Altoona




The Redevelopment Authority derives its powers and duties from the Pennsylvania State Urban Redevelopment Law.  It executes urban renewal projects and manages the Altoona Transportation Center. In addition to these duties, the Redevelopment Authority has been designated to act as the Land Bank for the City. The purpose of the Land Bank is to effectively facilitate the return of blighted, abandoned and functionally obsolete properties to productive reuse. In its capacity as Land Bank, the Redevelopment Authority acquires vacant, abandoned, and tax delinquent properties, clears them of liabilities, and transfers them to new owners for rehabilitation and redevelopment.

Five (5) member Board, appointed by the recommendation of the Mayor with the approval of Council, for a term of five (5) years.  *Residency requirement.

Enabling Legislation

  • Urban Redevelopment Law, Act of May 24, 1945, as amended and codified at 35 P.S. §§ 1701 – 1719.2
  • Land Bank Law, Act of October 24, 2012, as amended and codified at 68 Pa.C.S. §§ 2101 – 2120 and Act 33 of 2018
  • City Ordinance 5726, which created the land bank on October 10, 2018 


  • Rebecca Brown, Codes & Inspections Director
  • Solicitor: Elizabeth Benjamin, Esq. 


Meet as needed.

Meeting Minutes


 Altoona Redevelopment Authority Members

  • Ron Beatty
    309 26th Avenue
    Altoona PA 16601
    Residence Phone: (814) 931-6919
    Resolution: 12/05/18
    Term End: January 2024
    City Official Appointment Agreement
  • Richard Fiore Jr.
    414 38th Street
    Altoona PA 16602
    Office Phone: 814-946-3686
    Residence Phone: 814-940-8301
    Resolution: 0009-21
    Term End: January 2026
  • Louisa Lobre-Riley
    Resolution: 0015-22
    Term End: January 2027
  • Mayor Matt Pacifico
    City of Altoona
    1301 12th Street Suite 100
    Altoona PA 16601
    Office Phone: 814-949-2476
    Resolution: 0016-22
    Term End: January 2027
    City Official Appointment Agreement
  • Jessica Sprouse
    Altoona PA
    Resolution: 0017-22
    Term End: January 2027