Public Works Divisions



The Engineering Division is responsible for the review and approval of construction plans including, but not limited to, storm water, site lighting, signage involving public right of way, site work, floodplain, demolition, and driveways.  Additionally, they review sewer cap inspections, coordinate street vacations, inspect the installation of storm water systems and BMP’s, post construction site inspections, employee training and reporting for our PADEP MS-4 Program, and assist customers with survey information. Almost all construction designs and inspections are done in house.

The Electrical Division is primarily responsible for the maintenance of over 1,800 street lights, 73 traffic signals, 20 school crossing assemblies, and all of the lighting on the City’s crossovers.  Additionally, the Division also is responsible for the majority of electrical work at all of the City parks and facilities, installs and removes holiday and celebratory banners and decorations within the downtown area, and is responsible for all underground 811 reporting within the City.  The Division has an operational agreement with Logan Township to maintain 37 traffic signals at various locations bordering Altoona. 

The Highway Division is primarily responsible for the summer and winter maintenance of the City’s 360 lane miles of street. For the majority of the spring, summer and fall seasons, the Division is divided into sub-divisions: Street Cuts, Inlets and Drainage, General Maintenance, Signs and Paint, and Fleet.  For winter, the Division operates on double shifts to treat roads within the City limits as well as some PennDOT roads under municipal agreement.

Other duties include:  scheduled bagged leaf and brush removal for City residents, pipe, storm sewer, and street cleaning, as well as garbage removal at all City-owned parks and facilities, including downtown areas.  

The Fleet Division is responsible for the maintenance of over 250 City vehicles including Highway, Codes & Inspections, Police and Fire.