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Redevelopment Authority is accepting Request for Proposals for: 1305-07 18th Avenue Altoona, PA and 1329 21st Avenue Altoona, PA.

31st St From 6th Ave to Beale Ave Closure

News Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Road Closed Sign
31st Street Closed From 6th Ave to Beale Ave
May 16th through June
For Sidewalks & Stormwater Improvements

Beginning Thursday, May 16th, M&B Construction will begin constructing sidewalks along 31st Street between 6th Avenue and Beale Avenue.   This project also includes storm sewer construction which includes the installation of a section of storm pipe across the roadway.  Beginning May 27th there will be limited access and 31st Street will be one way only with the traffic direction being west bound from 6th Avenue toward Beale Avenue.  The improvements will bring walkability to pedestrians along this section of roadway where pedestrian access has been limited and dangerous due to the narrow berms. This project is expected to be completed by mid-June.