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Redevelopment Authority is accepting Request for Proposals for: 1305-07 18th Avenue Altoona, PA and 1329 21st Avenue Altoona, PA.
Bruce  Kelley
Bruce Kelley

Councilman Bruce Kelley, elected in 2004 and now in his 4th term on Altoona City Council, having served from 2004 – 2015 and 2017 – to present, is an advocate for the City and its residents and is committed to effective City government, which includes fiscal responsibility for residents’ tax dollars.  Councilman Kelley has a deep knowledge of the City and community development and historic preservation, as well as extensive public and private sector customer service experience.

Councilman Kelley currently serves on the Altoona Metro Transit (AMTRAN) Board of Directors.

Councilman Kelley is a proud graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with a B.A. in Political Science and serves on the Board of the Penn State Altoona Alumni Society.  

Councilman Kelley has three adult children (which includes twin girls), teenage twins, and three grandchildren.

Term Expiration:  January, 2026

Boards & Committees

  • Altoona Metro Transit Board (AMTRAN)
  • Altoona Housing Authority
  • Goodman Trust Recreation Grant