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Resident Responsibilities

Resident Responsibilities

The City of Altoona has ordinances intended to protect the rights and privileges of all residents of Altoona. In neighborhoods made up of young adults, families, and senior citizens, the observance of these laws is key to creating harmony among residents. The Altoona Police Department and Code Enforcement Officers will enforce City ordinances. Individuals violating the laws regarding litter/trash/recycling, pets, parking and vehicles, noise, alcohol, student housing, rental housing and occupancy limitations, or who otherwise create a public nuisance, will be penalized.

As an Altoona resident, you are expected to help maintain the appearance of your neighborhood. To assist you we offer the following information.


The City of Altoona requires all residents to have residential garbage and recyclable collection. If you live in an apartment complex you or your Landlord must have service. It is illegal to throw or deposit upon any public street or sidewalk, or upon any private property, any type of litter or household trash. All trash must be in containers with lids and picked up weekly. Residents may move their trash to the curb no earlier than 6:00 PM the evening before collection. Recycling must be in a separate container.


The City of Altoona has a "leash law" that prohibits owners from letting their dogs run free at any time. Owners are required to keep dogs under control when walking and to have all shots up to date. All yards must be kept free from animal waste which should be scooped in a timely manner and disposed of properly. If walking your dog in any public area on public or private property to include parks, sidewalks neighborhood yards, cemeteries, ball fields, etc. owners must carry litter bags and clean up their dog waste immediately.


There is a burning ban in the City of Altoona. Residents are not allowed to burn any materials to include but not limited to garbage, cardboard, leaves, recyclables. Cooking/recreational fires are allowed if in a chiminea or fire pit purchased from a retail store (must be at least 15 feet away from your house) or in a stone fire ring (must be at least 25 feet away from your house). Do not burn treated lumber or green wood. Only burn clean, dry wood.

Sidewalk Maintenance

Residents are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks on and around their properties. This includes keeping them free of stones, gravel, anti-skid and leaves and sweeping them regularly with a broom. Residents are encouraged to sweep stones, gravel and anti skid beyond the curb onto the side of the road for the street sweeper to pick up.

Sign Posting

The City of Altoona has a sign ordinance which all residents, non-residents and visitors are asked to abide by. The ordinance prohibits signs, either of a political nature or non-political nature, on city owned property and city rights of way. The areas known as city owned property and city rights of way include but may not be limited to median strips on roadways, passive parks, playground parks and ball parks, telephone poles, trees along the rights of way, sidewalk areas along the rights of way, bicycle paths, bus stops areas and any other public open space that is not considered to be private property.

  • Violators may be fined up to $300.00 for the posting of signs on public property.
  • Those planning to post signs in the city limits of the City of Altoona are to do so on private property only.
  • For more information please contact the City of Altoona Community Development Department at 814-949-2470.

Ordinance No. 5137  November 28, 1989

Snow Removal - Sidewalks and Handicapped Ramps

Residents are responsible for keeping all sidewalks clear of snow and ice. This includes vacant properties as well. An 18" path must be cleared within 24 hours of the end of the snowfall. In the event it has become so hard that it cannot be removed sand or another abrasive should be added to keep it safe.

Ordinance No. 5343  June 22, 1994

Fire Hydrants

Residents area asked to shovel snow from around fire hydrants throughout the winter months.

Grass and Weeds

Residents are responsible for keeping their grass mowed and keeping weeds pulled or trimmed on their property and along the Right of Way in front of their property. This includes the area around the sidewalks.


Residents are responsible for maintaining the trees on their property as well as the trees on the Right of Way. Trees that need to be trimmed should be trimmed by a licensed arborist. If you need to remove a tree that is on the Right of Way you must get permission from the Public Works Department at 814-949-2447.

Parking/Vehicles on City Streets

It is illegal to park in the front yard of a residence, on the sidewalk, or on the wrong side of the street (driver's door facing curb). It is illegal to block a driveway, park within 30 feet of an intersection, park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. Ticketed or illegally parked cars are towed at the owner's expense, without warning.

Abandoned Vehicles on City Streets

Residents may only park licensed, registered, inspected vehicles on City streets. Residents will be given written notice and violators will be towed at the violators/owners expense.

Abandoned Vehicles on Private Property

Residents may not have unlicensed, unregistered, uninspected vehicles on private property at any time. The Codes & Inspections Department has the right to have such vehicles towed at the violators/owners expense.


Altoona has a noise ordinance that applies to all areas of the city. It applies to the sound generated by a person or from a source. It applies to indoor and outdoor sound. It also applies to animals that, by habitually howling, barking, or crying, disturb nearby residents. There are certain exemptions such as construction equipment.


Violation of laws that address underage alcohol purchase, consumption, and sales will result in a criminal penalty. It is illegal to sell or provide alcohol to or purchase alcohol for anyone under 21. It is illegal to provide a fake ID to someone under 21 in order to purchase alcohol or gain admittance to a private club. It is illegal to sell alcohol without a permit. If you are going to have a party in which alcohol is served, YOU will be responsible for the actions and safety of your guests. It is illegal for any person to be intoxicated and disruptive in public.

Student Housing/Roommates

The City of Altoona regulates student rental properties. There cannot be more than three (3) unrelated people living together as a single housekeeping unit in such structure having at least 1100 square feet of floor area and shall not exceed four (4) unrelated people in such structure having at lease 1500 square feet of floor area. Student housing is permitted in all zoning districts.