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Winter Weather Services

Winter Weather Services


If you have an emergency please do not try to report it to the above email address or the above phone numbers.  Please dial 911.

For the duration of a snow event, requests for winter services will be addressed only through 911, Altoona Police, Altoona Fire or Emergency Operations (if activated).

Winter Weather Contact Information

Snow Concern Contact Form

Phone:  During an active snow event, the Public Works/Highway Department does not deviate from the actual plow routes unless directed by Emergency Services. If it has been more than 24 hours since the snow has stopped please contact the following for further assistance:

City of Altoona Highway Yard: 814-949-2212

City of Altoona Public Works Department: 814-949-2447

If you have an emergency please do not try to report it to the through the our contact forms or phone numbers. Please dial 911.

Getting Ready for Winter

The City of Altoona Public Works Department takes great pride in our City streets throughout the year with an emphasis in this section on winter services.  Preparation for the winter season begins well in advance of winter weather. The overall goal of the City's plan is to provide timely clearing of City streets, while minimizing hazards and restoring travel conditions throughout the City as soon as possible after each winter storm event.

City of Altoona Public Works Department Winter Weather Information

  • Over 360 lane miles of roadway
    • 12 plow zones
    • 16 heavy and medium duty 4 x 4 trucks at full compliment
    • Liquid pre-treatment of select roads
    • 24 hour coverage utilizing two shifts
    • Off hour patrols monitoring road conditions
    • Salt capacity of 800 tons
    • Anti-skid capacity of 800 tons
    • Radio dispatch and real time monitoring
    • Use of personalized, professional forecasting services
  • Average Winter Materials Usage
    • Salt - 4500 tons
    • Antiskid - 500 tons
    • Salt Brine - 5000 gallons
Priority of Routes

Primary Routes: Major arteries, school routes, mass transit routes and snow emergency routes are the critical routes providing access into and out of Altoona. Snow removal along the primary routes is the main concentration for the duration of the snowstorm.

Secondary Routes: Minor arteries and collector streets connecting the neighborhoods to the primary routes. The secondary routes are plowed only after the primary routes are plowed.

Tertiary Routes: Alleys which are access points for emergency services, and, City-owned parks, walkways and bike paths. The tertiary routes are plowed after the primary routes and the secondary routes or, at the request of emergency services. These routes are plowed down the center of the street (one pass).

The goal during a snowstorm is to have all streets passable within 24 hours after precipitation ends.

Route 1 - N. 8th Street to N. 20th Street/N. 3rd Avenue/N. 4th Avenue to City Line

Route 2 - N. 8th Street to 2nd Street Logantown/N. 4th Avenue/Chestnut Avenue to City Line

Route 3 - 2nd Street to 16th Street/16th Avenue/4th Street/Chestnut Avenue to City Line

Route 4 - 16th Street to 29th Street/RR to City Line West Side

Route 5 - 29th Street to 58th Street/RR Tracks to City Line

Route 6 - Logan Blvd. to 58th Street/Ruskin Drive to 6th Avenue/California Avenue to Goods Lane

Route 7 - Union Avenue to Ruskin Drive/58th Street/ Oak Lane/Crescent Road to Plank Road/ Frankstown Road to Logan Blvd./Plank Road to Stewart Avenue/City Line

Route 8 - 22nd Street to Logan Blvd. & Union Avenue; Fairway Drive/Pleasant Valley Blvd. to 9th Avenue

Route 9 - 10th Street to 22nd Street/Pleasant Valley Blvd. to 9th Avenue/Margaret Avenue

Route 10 - Kettle Street to 10th Street/Pleasant Valley Blvd. to RR Tracks

Route 11​ - 17th Street to City Line at East End/Pleasant Valley Blvd. to Polk Avenue/Pleasant Valley Blvd. to E. 1st Avenue

Route 12 - 4th Street to 18th Street/10th Avenue to 16th Avenue

City of Altoona Public Works Department Winter Weather Information

  • If at all possible, move vehicles from City streets to driveways or secondary routes prior to winter storms.  This will decrease or eliminate hazards for our drivers and for others and increase and improve the overall plowable area.
  • If at all possible, prior to winter storms, park in a location that allows easy access,  especially if you normally park on a steep grade. Remember, during an active storm, primary routes are the main concern.
  • If at all possible, wait for Public Works to complete snow plowing prior to cleaning cars, driveways or sidewalks. This will eliminate some of the shoveling and re-shoveling.
  • If at all possible, park as close to the curb as possible in order to allow better access for snow plow trucks.
  • Pull your vehicle side mirrors in to avoid damage.
  • Do not place items in the right of way to "save" parking spots. This is a threat to public safety and prohibited by the PA Motor Vehicle Code.
  • Keep fire hydrants clear in case of emergency.

By City Ordinance, property owners are responsible for clearing their sidewalks of snow/ice within 24 hours following each snowstorm. A citation or fine may be issued if the property owner fails to comply. Snow should not be shoveled into the streets. (Chapter 663, Article IV, Snow and Ice Removal)​​

In most circumstances, the job of widening streets and intersections takes place after the snow has stopped and all of the streets are passable. The City Highway Crew will continue to monitor the streets for areas that need to improve for the safe passage of vehicles. Removal of snow from bridge sidewalks, storm grates and other City-owned facilities are also completed during this time period. The City Highway Crew will continue to monitor "refreeze". This occurs when higher daytime temperatures melt the snow pack. This refreezes and turns to ice overnight, causing dangerous conditions.


During a storm event, first priority is given to the primary routes throughout the City. After the primary routes are cleared, troublesome areas such as hills are treated, followed by all other routes in that zone. If it continues to snow, it is possible that Plow Truck Operators will not be able to deviate from primary routes until the storm is over.

At temperatures below 20 degrees, salts effectiveness at melting ice diminishes quickly. Therefore, the City uses anti-skid for skid resistance.

Alleys on the plow list consist of alleys that are considered primary access points for 911 Emergency Services. Plow Truck Operators do not deviate from the Alley Plowing List.

Special plow requests can be made in writing to the Public Works Department for review and consideration. A final determination will be issued by the Public Works Department to the requestor based upon the current alley plowing policy.

If you believe that you need assistance following review of the Frequently Asked Questions above, residents are welcome to submit FAQ concerns/questions form.

*Please note:  For the duration of a snow event, requests for winter services will be addressed only through 911, Altoona Police, Altoona Fire or Emergency Operations (if activated)*