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The Gospel Hill Flag

The Gospel Hill Flag

A picture of Gospel Hill.

Gospel Hill was part of a farm purchased by the City of Altoona in 1871 and later dedicated as a public park in 1907. In 1990, a 30 ft x 60 ft American flag was erected on Gospel Hill. The flag was maintained by the City of Altoona and the Goodman Trust Recreation Grant for several years. In 1998 the Sesquicentennial Committee of the City of Altoona established the Gospel Hill Flag Fund through the Central Pennsylvania Community Foundation. This beautiful flag can be seen high a top Gospel Hill for miles and greets all entering the City of Altoona.

The Gospel Hill Flag is replaced approximately 3-4 times each year. The Altoona Fire Department does a tremendous job by providing the manpower to monitor, repair and replace the flag as needed and has to be cognizant of the weather conditions and the safety of the department and neighborhood when considering flag replacement. Unfortunately, the flag cannot be lowered to half staff due to its size and location and would present a danger to the neighbors and surrounding buildings.

Annually on Flag Day, the Central Pennsylvania Community Foundation honors Old Glory of Gospel Hill with a ceremony at Heritage Plaza in Downtown Altoona. A proclamation is presented by the Mayor.

Thanks to the generosity of citizens, students and civic groups of the area, the Gospel Hill Flag will continue to fly for many, many years. Donations to the Gospel Hill Flag Fund are accepted by the Central Pennsylvania Community Foundation.


Directions to Gospel Hill Park